Daniel Day-Lewis Facts

Daniel Day-Lewis is a method actor known for his extreme devotion to researching and performing his roles. The following are 100% true, verifiable facts about method actor and legend Daniel Day-Lewis.

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DDL Fact #036

Daniel Day-Lewis is in character so often he is only available for interviews two days every five years

DDL Fact #035

When preparing for a role, Daniel Day-Lewis almost got turned around at the US border because he refused to admit he was in fact Daniel Day-Lewis as it stated in his passport.

DDL Fact #034

Daniel Day-Lewis remains in character even when making love to his wife.

DDL Fact #033

Unless he is preparing for a role that involves being a father, Daniel Day-Lewis’ children are forbidden from calling him Dad.

DDL Fact #032

Daniel Day-Lewis is the only remaining doppelganger on earth.

DDL Fact #031

Barack Obama is actually Daniel Day-Lewis in full prosthetics and make-up who won the Presidency of the US to prepare for his lead role in the upcoming Lincoln biopic.

DDL Fact #030

Daniel Day-Lewis once attempted to stay in a time capsule for 2000 years before auditioning for the Planet of the Apes remake only to wake up in the future and realize that the film was irrelevant.

(Source: talkinboutstuff)

DDL Fact #029

You only do an OK impression of Daniel Day-Lewis playing you.

DDL Fact #028

Early on in his career, Daniel Day-Lewis underwent elective surgery to make himself impotent in order to prepare for the role of “Man #2” in a Viagra commercial.

DDL Fact #027

Daniel Day-Lewis wrote the script for Inception, engineered the necessary technology, and then incepted the idea of the movie into Christopher Nolan so he would make it.